Meet Matthew: Key Video’s key man

Things you might like to know about me…

The essentials

  • Experienced: 30 years as a cameraman and editor means I know what I’m doing, what works and how to make it work.
  • Ahead of my time: I was one of the first in the industry to combine shooting and editing: unusual then, but an asset in a world where speed of turnaround is often king.
  • Versatile: That comes from working on such a wide variety of programmes in just about every type of location you can think of.
  • Refreshingly down-to-earth: personable, accommodating, pragmatic and straightforward
  • Dependable: no matter how extreme the location (filming in the desert can be quite a challenge), complex the brief or tight the timescale, you can rely on me to get the job done.


The added extras


  • Connected: I can call on a network of trusted specialists with complementary skills.
  • Secret weapon: Musical flair.  This not only gives me a keen ear for a good video sound track, but also helps with editing dexterity.