Video may have been around for decades, but its appeal and use across every sector and every kind of communications channel is soaring.

That’s because video is uniquely successful at making the mundane interesting, the interesting fascinating and the complex accessible.  It’s engaging, versatile and in the participation age, gives viewers the interactivity and human dimension they want.

Websites, intranets, YouTube, Facebook, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, training programmes, promotional campaigns, fundraising campaigns… You name it and video is at the centre of it.

But it takes skill, experience, intuition and speed to deliver what clients want in this ‘video on demand’ world.  So why do our clients come to us?

Video production companies outsource filming and editing to Key Video because we have the dependability, expertise, initiative and people skills to get the job done – and get it done well.

Charities, schools and small businesses come to Key Video because we’re budget conscious without compromising on quality or impact.